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Price Range
The Form of The Sofa
Two-seater/three-seater model can be easily accommodated even in a small space
Two-seater/three-seater model with an additional corner element on one or both sides of the sofa
Seating Capacity
Mattress Type
the mattress maintains the natural position of the spine during sleep. It features a spring block and foam layers with different firmness levels
Mattress Firmness Levels
Upholstery Types
Thick and high-density velvety pile, the fabric is pleasant and soft to the touch
Slightly roughened texture due to weaving of double or triple threads
Folding Mechanism

slightly raise the seat and pull towards yourself, then you can put it on the floor and pull forward until it is fully expanded; the mattress unfolds right behind it

To transform the sofa, locate the centre of the lower part of the seat and pull it upwards. The seat expands and the support legs spread out; the backrest lowers to form a sleeping place.
Storage Space
traditional furniture form, natural material upholstery, wooden frame
oversized island type sofas
there are no unnecessary elements present, the configuration of this type of furniture is exceptionally simple
two or three-seater sofa with well-defined cushions for the seating area and a backrest
contemporary upholstered furniture blends easily into any interior
Decorative Elements
not included, sold separately
Support Leg Material
from 15 to 25 cm
from 5 to 10 cm
Removable Cover
Working Load Limit For One Sleeping Accommodation

Items in total: 5

from 149.94 € / mo.

1999 €

from 152.94 € / mo.

Stiffness: Medium

2039 €

from 170.95 € / mo.

Stiffness: Soft / Medium

2279 €

from 88.1 € / mo.

Stiffness: Soft / Medium / Hard

2349 €

from 103.48 € / mo.

Stiffness: Soft / Medium / Hard

2759 €

What are the advantages of the Sleep8 sofas?

Our sofas serve not only as interior decoration elements but also contribute to the health and well-being of our customers.
Do you occasionally enjoy sitting down with a book and reading for a few hours? The headrest takes the strain off your neck, additional decorative pillows reduce the seating depth and support the lower back, and the padded armrest allows you to recline and continue reading. Or do you like to drink tea or eat a snack in front of the TV? Then choose models with a small countertop on the armrest (you can place dishes on the metal armrest without any coasters). Incidentally, pay attention to the upholstery in this case - in the event of a force majeure, the fabric can be easily cleaned.
It is not a secret that the most important thing for restorative sleep is a properly selected high-quality mattress, although there are also a few other features that will increase the level of your comfort. The slip-resistant mattress surface will prevent the sheets from sagging and slipping; the height-adjusted mattress length ensures that you will always sleep in a comfortable position, and the handy storage drawer will reduce the time you spend getting ready for bed: you take the bedding right out of the sofa..

How to choose a sofa?

When buying a sofa, it is vital to consider four features that will help maintain both its functional properties and appearance for many years to come:
* Sofa frame and mechanism:

  1. The sofas are manufactured from chipboard and MDF: the materials are durable and do not crack or creak.
  2. The bolted connection between the mechanism and the sofa frame allows the sofa to be reassembled and dismantled several times (convenient when moving house).
  3. The sofa mechanism is made of lightweight powder-coated metal to protect it from corrosion.
  4. The sofas have seven-layer birch planks, and our customers receive proper support while sleeping or resting.
* Sofa filling
  1. Our sofas have an integrated anatomical mattress with a 9 -18 cm thickness, making it comfortable to sit down and stand up.
  2. The mattress features a seven-zone anatomical spring block which ensures accurate support for the spine both when seated and while lying.
* Material:
  1. The wide range of colours and materials allows customers to select the right tone based on their interior design decisions.
  2. Due to their unique properties, the manufacturing materials are durable, non-fading, and easy to clean and maintain.
* Design preferences:
  1. The "zero-wall" function, allows you to place the sofa close to the wall without damaging the interior with the mechanism when the sofa is unfolded.
  2. The backrest is also made of upholstery fabric, so the sofa can be placed in the middle of the room for space zoning.
  3. A wide choice of different size options ensures that you can choose the desired model based on your needs and room dimensions.
  4. The linen drawer is 13 cm deep.