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Smart Pillow 3.0 Axis

Smart Pillow Axis is an updated version of the innovative Smart Pillow. Made with a unique 360 ° technology: sleeping comfortably on either side. Smart Pillow Axis Feature - Reversible Case: on the one hand - material with high adaptability Outlast: absorbs, accumulates and, if necessary, radiates heat; on the other hand - breathable knitwear with Envi-max technology: removes heat and moisture, increases air circulation. Smart Pillow Axis is based on: eco-friendly Micro Neotaktile foam in granules - with shape memory and cooling gel, improves air exchange, neutralizes electromagnetic waves; latex in granules (Latex Balls) supports the head and neck in the anatomically correct position, which eliminates squeezing of blood vessels; Suprelle Active polyester granules are evenly distributed inside the pillow and give it volume, prevent the filler from caking and keep the original shape of the product; 3D mesh around the perimeter provides intensive air exchange; a high-precision sensor monitors micromovements, records heart rate and depth of breathing. It is important to know: - sleep information is monitored and analysed by the Sleep.8 mobile app; - sensor data is automatically synchronized with the app via wireless and the most secure Bluetooth connection; - connection with a mobile device is provided by the control unit (powered by a 900 mAh battery); - Regular sleep on Smart Pillow can reduce the number of patients with advanced forms of cardiovascular diseases by 45%. Benefits: sleep comfortably lying on your back, side and stomach; assessment of the quality of sleep in points and professional advice on how to improve it; 3 sizes: S - 12 cm high, M - 17 cm, L - 20 cm. practical to clean: the cover is removable, with a zipper; suitable for people with sensitive skin, prone to allergies, children; Smart Pillow Axis: individual comfort - for good sleep! Sleep.8 mobile app Mobile App Sleep.8 tracks the information about your sleep. It analyses the incoming data, makes a report and rates your sleep quality in points. It also gives professional recommendations to make your sleep sound and uninterrupted.         Learn more



Pillow Tech  Unique and tailor-made for you Each Tech Pillow is custom-designed, just for you. It contains a filling made up of different layers, placed according to your unique needs and preferences. Its bamboo cover and other natural extracts give it an ideal texture that's soft and gentle on the skin. Patented product. Learn more

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Beauty Pillow

The anatomic pillow Beauty Dream is a revolutionary S8 solution: it preserves the beauty and youth of your facial skin. It reduces the number of wrinkles, manages the edema and prevents the appearance of “sleep wrinkles” – skin pinches caused by sleep in the same position. The unique shape with head fixation area and openings for the face and the shoulders, for sleep on your back or on your side support the head and the neck in the anatomically correct position. Beauty Dream is based on “memory” foam and gently adapts for physiological characteristics of a sleeper. The hypoallergenic material does not apply any reverse pressure, which helps prevent the deformation of the facial skin. Special openings in the center of the pillow improve the ventilation, therefore your skin breathes. The cover, made from advanced-technology Outlast fabric, creates thermal comfort. It is important to know: the cover is removable, equipped with zipper; pillow dimensions are 39x59 cm – fits for 50x70 pillow case. Beauty Dream advantages: tested and approved by cosmetologists; prolongs skin youth; preserves and improves the effect achieved by spa procedures; comfort from the first sleep; 3D-net around the perimeter sustains the intense air flow; optimal sleep microclimate any time of the year. Advantages: Anti-aging effect.  Regular sleep on the Beauty Dream pillow not only prevents the appearance of new wrinkles, but also smooths down the already existing. No morning skin pinches. The pillow cares about your facial skin all night long, excluding morning pinches, which become wrinkles with time. Elaborated anatomic shape. The pillow was developed by the best country experts. Every dimple, every curve work for the correct position of the head and the neck during the sleep. Thermoregulation effect. The pillow case is made of the innovative Outlast fabric, initially developed for NASA. This material has cells with special substance: it changes its state, absorbing or eliminating the excess warmth. Thus, it cools you when it’s hot and keeps you warm when it’s cold. Cozy from the first day. In spite of its innovative form, you don’t have to get used to the Beauty Dream pillow. It will become your favorite sleep place from the day of the purchase. Manages the edema. The correct head position during the sleep excludes the liquid congestion in the body, also there will be no sleep marks on your face. In the morning you’ll wake up beautiful and refreshed. Learn more



Tech Soft-Hard

Most relationships involve compromise, but both you and your partner will be happy with a dual zone mattress from the Tech collection. Choose a combination of different levels of firmness and support in one mattress to suit your individual preferences and needs, and soon nothing will disturb your sleep. Each Tech collection mattress has a unique layering system designed to help you sleep soundly night after night. Optimal pressure distribution, spine stretching, thermal regulation and the perfect level of support for you and your partner - you will both notice the difference. The Tech Soft-Hard mattress offers soft support on one side and a firm, supportive surface on the other. It is ideal for couples with different body types, habits and preferences. Benefits:  Elastic support to reduce pressure on joints  Premium fabric cover with stimulating massage pads that are easily removable for washing  Light cooling effect refreshes throughout the night  Rubberized, non-slip underside prevents the mattress from moving out of place  Innovative foam layer shape with innovative petal cut to gently stretch the spine Layer System:  Premium fabric cover, removable with zipper  3 cm of innovative cooling gel foam  6.5 cm of foam designed to gently stretch the spine and provide optimal pressure distribution  9 cm of rigid foam provides an ideal level of support and comfort  6 cm layer of extra-strong foam for durability  Rubberized underside Learn more


iSense Revive

Insense Revive with an independent spring block - the “smart” sleeping system from Sleep.8 brand. It changes your perception of sleep quality and allows to create comfort without compromises: adjust the personally desired firmness level for each partner, separately for the left and right halves of the mattress. High adaptability and ease of management via the Isense smartphone application make this premium mattress an indispensable luxury for everyone who values healthy sleep and strives for individual comfort for oneself and loved ones. Isense Revive is based on the combination of innovative technologies and extra-functional materials: revolutionary Comfort Control™ technology allows you to adjust the firmness of each part of the mattress to the individual preferences of the sleeper; a block of independent heat-treated springs gently yet resiliently supports the body in the anatomically correct position; high-elasticity foam with a thermoregulatory effect delicately follows the curves of the body, relieves muscle tension and forms optimal sleep microclimate; reinforced perimeter increases the sleeping area and creates an evenly support over the entire surface of the mattress; premium quality knitted fabric with spandex conforms to the body lines and increases the anatomical properties of the mattress. It is important to know: Isense is a fully functional sleeping system; for an even better experience and personalisation of the settings it is ideally compatible with Ergomotion: the mattress is synchronised with the base, and all settings can be controlled by using only one application. The advantages of the Isense Revive mattress: The “smart” sleeping system can adapt to individual needs - it is suitable for everyone: you just have to adjust the desired firmness level; personal firmness setting for each half of the mattress; individual support of every area of the body; dual control: through the application and the remote control; Increased working load limit for one sleeping accommodation - more than 140 kg; thick mattress - comfortable to sit down and get up; reliability and quality: the mattress retains its original shape and properties even after long-term daily use. For those who prefer sleeping: on the back: the recommended firmness setting is 60 - 70, ensures anatomically correct back position, gently supports the lower back area; on the stomach: the recommended firmness level is 70 - 90, relieves muscle tension and reduces the risk of back pain; on the side: the recommended firmness level is 20 - 40, the hips are slightly “sinking”, which ensures anatomically correct back position. Isense Revive - the comfort and sleep quality that you control! Learn more


Grether&Wells Genesis

Grether & Wells is a collection of American luxury mattresses from a well-known premium brand, which was founded in 1859 in California by construction engineer John Wells. World-famous American hotel chains like Hyatt, Radisson and Hilton are amongst the buyers of these high-quality mattresses. Every third American millionaire sleeps on one of them, and famous movie stars include them in their mandatory riders. During the production process, experienced craftsmen sequentially place the springs, spread, bind and insulate different material layers. Later the mattress is compressed under high pressure and sewed through with heavy-duty woollen threads, after which they are fixated in place with a decorative boutonnière. No automated machine production, only an individual approach towards every single mattress. Premium Grether & Wells collection is a combination of traditional craft techniques, the best natural materials and advanced modern technologies. Grether & Wells is a luxurious, high-profile collection for successful people, who are used to investing in what is truly valuable - in their own health and premium comfort. Grether & Wells GENESIS is a luxury representative of the American elite medium-soft class mattress collection. The mattress combines two important parameters at once: the high-quality of Grether & Wells premium mattresses and the functionality necessary for the operation of the transformable bed frame. The independent anatomical MiniPocket Adaptive technology spring system repeats its every move while maintaining optimal pointwise spinal support. GENESIS mattress features: upper comfort layer: - exclusive Belgian knitted fabric; - high-volume cotton linen; the base: - MiniPocket Adaptive technology anatomical spring system; - upper layer - natural latex with the 7-zone spinal support function; - lower layer - shape cut Comfort Foam with Airflow technology. The advantages of the GENESIS mattress: - artistic handwork; - perfectly compatible with a transformable bed frame; - pleasant grey colour; - medium-soft firmness level; - Turn Free technology eliminates the possibility of deformation; - has been successfully tested in a laboratory; - extended 25-year warranty (when purchased with the protection cover). Grether & Wells GENESIS mattress - American dream in your everyday reality! Learn more

Sleep Gadgets

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S8 Smart Nox

The Smart Nox "smart" alarm clock and nightlight is featuring a room scenting function. The system consists of the Sleepace mobile app and the scent lamp itself. Smart Nox, in addition to soft diffused light and soothing melodies, can produce scents of a blooming garden to help you quickly relax and fall asleep. The built-in smart alarm clock begins to prepare you in advance to wake up, allowing you to wake up easily and without stress. The Sleepace smartphone app collects data about your environment, analyzes its effect on your sleep and provides you with recommendations. Following them, the quality of your sleep and rest becomes many times better: you will fully sleep through the night. Benefits: Soothing sound and light help you fall asleep easily Waves of light of the special spectrum contribute to the production of melatonin. Specially developed melodies adapt your biological clock and have a positive effect on your sleep quality. Automatic music and aroma function shutdown after falling asleep. Learn more

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S8 Smart Anti-Snore Pad

The Sleep.8 Smart Anti-Snore Pad is a smart device with snoring detection and sensitive response technology. Designed to help you sleep comfortably, alleviate the effects of snoring, and improve your quality of life. A knitted mat with air chambers inside is placed under a pillow or in a pillowcase and connected to the main unit. The device works via the human-safe Bluetooth protocol, while the main unit is powered by electricity. The advantages of Sleep.8 Smart Anti-Snore Pad: • effectiveness in eliminating snoring - up to 90%; • Delicate and almost silent operation: the filling of air chambers does not wake the user, the main unit of the device emits a noise of only 35 dB (quieter than air conditioning); • adjustable sensitivity of the detector: from response to the slightest noise to response to loud snoring; • safe: there are no electrical components on the sleeper. • the option of receiving sleep quality information and controlling the device via the Anti Snore Solution application Sleep.8 Smart Anti-Snore Pad: a smart device for comfortable sleep! Learn more

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S8 Pegasi II (black)

Pegasi Smart Glasses II Light Therapy Glasses - a "smart" device for correcting sleep disorders and improving sleep quality. Glasses generate light waves of a certain length and regulate a person's circadian rhythms: they restore sleep and wakefulness cycles. Recommended for people with sleep disorders and “owls”; for the elderly, those who fly often, students, and anyone who wants to be successful and use their potential effectively. The effect of Pegasi Smart Glasses II: • glasses get rid of insomnia and jet lag; • speed up falling asleep and waking up; • relieve chronic fatigue; • help cope with depression caused by the seasonal decrease in daylight hours; • Increase efficiency and stress resistance; • Improve your general health and appearance and slow down the aging process. The advantages of Pegasi Smart Glasses II: • the ergonomic shape and folding temples make it easy to take with you; • the weight is 48 g, just like regular glasses; • the result is consistent in as little as 7 days of continuous use; • the ability to monitor your health and performance through the Pegasi Sleep mobile app (available on Android and iOS), calculating a personalized program; • instant synchronization with your mobile device and cloud storage via the secure Bluetooth protocol. • use only once a day for 30 minutes in the morning after waking up; • automatic switch-off. Learn more

Sleep.8 is an online furniture and orthopaedic mattress store located in Portugal.

Sleep.8 is a company that originated in London. In 2019 we opened our first store in Lisbon, and only in 3 short years, we managed to open 36 new stores in 8 European countries, including Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom. Our expansion plan foresees the opening of several additional stores both nationally and internationally, marking a new era for the company. By the end of 2023, we plan to welcome customers to 50 more stores across Europe.

With our manufacturing set in Portugal, we are working with innovative solutions to achieve the highest quality in our product range. Every item produced by Sleep.8 is designed and crafted with the perfect balance of style and benefits in mind. In our collection, you will find mattresses, adjustable bed bases, innovative smart pillows, and devices to help you improve your sleep quality. Since we are pioneers in creating the ideal ecosystem for relaxation and sound sleep, our selection includes massage chairs, massagers, and gadgets for ultimate relaxation and aids in falling asleep.


Customer Reviews

4.9 Stars

Clarissa Pimenta

9 months ago

Gostei muito da almofada Beauty Pillow. Depois de comprar various almofadas de outras marcas e não conseguir dormir bem, é incrível como o meu sono mudou com este modelo, não podia esta mais feliz! Foi voltei a fazer outra encomenda

Read more

José Cerdeira

2 months ago

Recebemos hoje a cama ergomotion e estamos muito contentes com o serviço, com o profissionalismo da vendedora Gabriela e flexibilidade dos rapazes da entrega. Esperemos que a qualidade da cama seja tão boa quanto o serviço (as primeiras impressões são ótimas).

Read more

Кристина Зеленко

2 months ago

Amazing service from the beginning till the end and after :) The atmosphere at the shop is very pleasant, friendly and relaxed, we took our time to choose, to lay on the bed, to feel the difference. The consultant answered to all the questions we had (and we had a lot). The price and selection was great. We bought a bed, mattress and pillows there. We felt the difference. Products of premium quality. The delivery was right on time and the bed was assembled in less than 30 minutes. Moreover they helped to get rid of the old one. Also the company has a service that you can change the mattress during 100 days if you chose the wrong one and it doesn't fit you, isn't it amazing? The whole team was very friendly and helped a lot during some organizational process. Special thanks and cheers to Bruno, you did a lot! And also all the best to Gabriella.

Read more