Good sleep changes everything

Own Manufacture in Europe

with over 40 stores

Sleep Lab

Our own scientific sleep study laboratory

Own Manufacture in Europe

with over 40 stores

Sleep Lab

Our own scientific sleep study laboratory

Unique ERGO® transformable base is an essential luxury

The "bed of the future" is a revolution in the world of sleep. With it, you will be able to experience real pleasure, not only from sleep, but also during rest. Even while reading a book and watching your favorite movie, you will feel maximum comfort because your body will be in the right position.

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possibility of selecting a comfortable position for sleeping, resting or working.


Raising the headboard by 7 degrees will make it possible to forget forever what snoring means.


The massage function will help you choose the most suitable intensity and feel complete relaxation.


"weightlessness" state, with legs position above heart level for complete relaxation.


transformable base
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5 months ago

Atendimento excelente

Atendimento muito bom. Fomos atendidos pela Cristiana Oliveira que nos mostrou e explicou tudo o que fazia sentido para nós. Recomendo


5 months ago

Super recomendo

Super simpáticos. Ouviram o que precisávamos e mostraram as opções. Sem dúvida os colchão são dos melhores que já experimentamos. Recomendo muito. 5 * para o atendimento da Cristiana Oliveira

Daniela Filipa Alves

5 months ago

Fui bem recebido pelo o funcionário…

Fui bem recebido pelo o funcionário Fábio. Um ótimo atendimento.

Tiago Pacheco

5 months ago

O atendimento pela funcionária…

O atendimento pela funcionária Cristiana foi excelente na minha recepção e na demonstração do produto. Obrigada

maria lopes

5 months ago

A simpatia e profissionalismo.

A simpatia e acolhimento por parte da equipa foi exemplar, sabia que queria uma almofada, mas não fazia ideia de qual. O tempo dedicado a experimentar a melhor almofada, foi crucial na decisão final. O Fábio foi muito paciente e atencioso. O produto é excelente e a qualidade do meu sono melhorou desde então. Recomendo.

Diogo Sá

5 months ago


Após visita para conhecer esta nova loja que antes demais está excelente o espaço, o mesmo se passou com o atendimento do Sr. Fábio Torres que para além de me ter aconselhado o powerback que o trouxe de imediato, tive de voltar para a compra de almofadas e sem dúvida é uma aposta fundamental ao bom descanso. Para além disso aguardo a cama e colchão que sem dúvida terá sido igualmente muito bem aconselhado. Parabéns à loja e toda a equipa

José Alberto Torres


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Sleep.8 - online store for furniture and orthopedic mattresses in Europe

Sleep.8 is a company with its origins in London. In 2019 we opened our first store in Lisbon. In just 3 short years, we have already opened 36 stores in 8 European countries, including Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, amongst others.

With production in Portugal, we operate with innovative technology to achieve our range of products of excellence. Our collection includes not only high-quality mattresses and bedding, but also other categories of innovative sleeping products: smart pillows and mattresse

Own manufacture

Quality guarantee

Say goodbye to

night sweats

morning grogginess

countless wake ups


Tech mattresses

The right combination of modern materials for the maximum of your comfort.

Zipped composite cover made of micro-massage jersey and durable upholstery fabric at the bottom of the mattress

Extra strong foam that holds all the main layers of the mattress and is responsible for the longevity of the mattress

Uniquely cut foam that gently stretches the spine and gives the body the correct pressure distribution in every sleeping position

Foam with cooling

Foam responsible for the level of firmness. Depending on the type of mattress, this layer varies

What is the average cost of a good nights sleep?


hours of sleep in a day


sleeps in a year


hours of sleep in a year


for Grether&Wells Heaven Prestige

We believe sleep is the superpower that charges everything people do.

Customer reviews


The weather whispers to wrap yourself in a blanket, make yourself hot coffee and watch movies!


I have chosen the Amani sofa for everyday use. Its main advantage is an anatomical mattress with an independent spring block and anatomical foam. The mattress supports the spine in an anatomically correct position, and you don’t wake up in the morning still tired and battered, like after a night on a regular sofa, but you feel rested and energetic. Ideal 2 in 1 combination. Amani is not only stylish but also very comfortable.


I was often suffering from neck pain, especially in the first part of the day, although I was just sleeping and not carrying bricks around during the whole night. And in the end, I decided to visit the “Sleep.8” store to find a suitable pillow for myself. My head does not sink into the pillow and there is no pressure on the cervical region, but most importantly - the pillow evenly distributes the heat. Honestly, the pillow is great and I take it everywhere I go.


Thank you. I cannot contain my excitement. This bed is a miracle. It fits perfectly in the interior of my bedroom. The headboard is so beautiful, that you just want to lean your head against it. We have been searching for the perfect bed for a long time and didn’t regret the decision to choose this particular model.

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